08 least I think it did.  I opened my computer to find that it appeared to have just installed some windows updates.

After that I was unable to get my Wireless card to connect to the hotel WiFi.  I got more suspicious when the WiFi didn't work at my client's either.  I fiddled for ages finding and installing older/newer/different wireless card drivers.  None of them made any difference.

Later I discovered that I could not get onto another client's VPN.  I couldn't be sure it was caused by the same updates, but it seemed a big coincidence.

I found some advice to try Resetting networking.  It's in recent (at the time of writing - July 2017) builds on Windows 10.  Settings -> Network and Internet -> Status and at the bottom click Network Reset.  It requires a reboot.

This helped significantly.  Now at least the major functions of the WiFi worked.  I could send email and browse web sites.  The VPN was still broken.

I tried removing/replacing the VPN connection.  Didn't help.

Eventually I found some evidence in the Event Viewer of a 720 error on trying to connect to the VPN.  I then found some advice (here I'm not using their specific product but I tried the advice to remove all the Wan Miniports.  Find them in Device Manager.  A scan for hardware changes reinstated them and that was the key.  VPN working again.

Shout out to purevpn for putting useful support information online.

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