Consultants, architects, developers, programmers, and trainers

We provide consultants, architects, developers, programmers, and trainers.  They create innovative solutions that solve business problems, deliver profit and reduce costs.  We succeed in Business Systems Analysis, Application Architecture, Systems Design, Development, Programming, Implementation, and Operational support.

Prime Skills: Management:

  • Control and delivery of complex technical projects
  • Agile project management
  • Training and skills transfer
  • Mentoring and guidance

Prime Skills: Technical:

  • Agile application development
  • Develop and Program Microsoft Windows
  • Develop and Program .Net using C#, Visual Basic .NET, C++ 
  • Develop and Program in Visual C++ using MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes), ATL (Active Template Library)
  • Create .Net Desktop Applications using WinForms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Create .Net Web Applications using WebForms and ASP .Net
  • SQL Databases, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2 Universal Server, Oracle

We are based in the South West, near Swindon, Wiltshire.  We support customers throughout the UK and abroad.

Trainers and Training

Dynamisys provides education and instructors, to Learning Tree International, for courses in Windows application development, Web development, XML Web services development, C#, C++, and Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++, .NET and ASP.NET Application Development, Windows programming.

We develop, enhance and present course material based on our experience of "real world" applications from a variety of commercial environments. 

Learning Tree selected Dynamisys to create the .Net Best Practises and Design Patterns course.

Technical environments:
Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Internet Information Server (IIS) and ASP.NET, SQL Server, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Studio, .NET Framework.

Application Architecture Consultants

Dynamisys consultants established the Application Architecture for an Emergency Services Command and Control system.  The highly successful OIS (Operational Information System), from Stratus Computer, was upgraded to feature a new, graphical, user interface.  The graphical interface is carefully designed to provide speed for expert users; ease of use and learning for novices.  Dynamisys delivered the architectural framework, supported other developers, and delivered custom controls.  We also developed an OLE-DB provider to serve existing proprietary format data to the GUI via industry standard interfaces.

Technical environment:
Microsoft Windows, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Active Template Library (ATL)

Developer Mentoring

A Dynamisys consultant programmer mentored a team of junior/inexperienced developers in the final stages of a client server database system, for DB Consulting.  We provided an emergency consulting room to help them over their immediate barriers and injected a reservoir of experience that the project could not provide from its own resources.

Technical environment:
MS-Windows, Visual Basic, Oracle Database, OLE-DB, ADO and ODBC

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