.Net Development - C#/VB, Agile Methods, Consultancy, Training

Dynamisys helps organizations, teams and individuals get the best from their investment in .Net and related technologies. Dynamisys consultants are Microsoft Certified and have over twenty years experience building large scale applications. 

  • We help teams and individuals become more agile.  Agile teams build software that delights their users.  Agile teams implement user requests before the users have time to change their minds.  Agile teams deliver software with fewer defects
  • We help teams create their application architectures.  Their applications are more flexible, more adaptable, and more valuable
  • We help teams master technologyMentoring, training, and Agile Methods help teams determine what to build, and how to make faster progress solving real-world problems.  Skills transfer and training helps teams with how to build applications more productively using .Net technologies

Become more agile.  Reduce, and eventually eliminate, wasted effort in application development.  Respond rapidly to user requirement changes.  Produce software that truly meets the user's requirements.  Increase competitive advantage, increase return on investment, decrease costs, decrease risk, by implementing valuable software assets early and continuously throughout the life of the project.

Our training services offer first quality developer training and post course support.  We have some ready built course ideas.  If you would like a course built to suit your specific requirements and budget we'll do that too.  Check out our training offerings, email us to tell us about your special requirements.

Our mentoring services support developers who are:

  •  working in a 'new-to-them' area
  •  actively stretching their role and enhancing their contribution
  •  seeking validation and confirmation of their design or implementation

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