Selecting DotNetNuke

Dynamisys can help with your initial decision to select a content management system.  Obviously we believe DotNetNuke is a great solution but we recognize it might not be right for you.  You can rely on our unbiased advice.


Dynamisys can help with pre-installation planning, product installation, and initial configuration.


Dynamisys can help with customizing the product to achieve the look and feel you require from your site.  DotNetNuke has a powerful skinning engine that makes almost any visual appearance attainable

Custom Module Development

DotNetNuke has an open architecture based on core code and custom modules.  Recent versions have emphasized removing code from the 'core' and relocating it in custom modules. 

Most of the functionality in the basic product is delivered via custom modules.  The supplied custom modules have no special status as far as interaction with the core is concerned.  It really is true that a custom module can be as good as the modules that 'come in the box'.  Certainly custom modules have the same ability to access core API's. 

Custom modules genuinely are seamless extensions to the core product.

Dynamisys can advise on the appropriateness of creating custom modules for your site and can undertake the development work for you.

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