The Application Logic Tier


N-tier solutions concentrate the business logic of an application in one clearly defined area. 

A well designed application layer will be stateless.  It can begin its production life on one machine, possibly even the same machine as the client.  As loads rise, the same code may be deployed, in a server farm, over sufficient server machines to support the application workload. 

This massive scalability is very hard to retro-fit after building the system.  Scalability is not a magic powder sprinkled over a system after deployment.  Scalability needs to be a specified design objective and designed into the system from the outset.

Dynamisys believes that N-tier solutions are universally applicable and (almost) invariably the right choice.  Can we help with your project?

Key Benefits

  • Highly scalable applications process heavy workloads without enormously expensive machines.
  • Capacity may be increased by adding relatively modest commodity machines.
  • Response times are kept under control by reviewing deployment options rather than major redevelopment.
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