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 15/03/2008 05:01


How do you prefer to pass data between layers of a web application?

  • Business object - with behaviour
  • Business object - without behaviour (i.e. Data Transfer Object, DTO)
  • DataTable
  • XML
  • SqlDataReader

Something else?


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 16/03/2008 17:09

I like Business Object and I'm not fussy about whether it has behaviour or not.

- Richard
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 25/03/2008 00:39

I suspect there isn't one right answer. If you're looking for interoperability, for instance, your first choice should be XML. One of the nice things about passing a DataTable is that you're actually passing XML. It's just that, in a .NET environment, .NET will automatically wrap up the XML in a custom object (the DataTable object) that makes working with the XML document considerably easier for client-side developers.

If you're not interested in interoperability, passing an object is a better choice. Developers writing client-side code will find it much easier to work with a business object than a raw XML document. In general, I don't think that you should pass any more than you absolutely have to so I wouldn't pass an object with behaviour (another problem with passing an object with behaviour is that you may find yourself building an object that will need to support both client- and server-side activity).  If you are concerned about getting behaviour down to the client (either to make life easier for your client-side developers or to prevent client-side developers from sending back bad data) then build in only client-side behaviour and use the Factory pattern so that all server-side behviour is encapsulated in the factory object.

Having said that the right answer is "It depends", I don't think you should ever pass a Framework object like the SqlDataReader. Because you don't control the construction of the SqlDataReader you have no idea what developers who recieve that object will be able to do with it. The DataTable is, essentially, an XML document--the SqlDataReader is an access point to your database.

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