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I went shopping

Just up the road (two corners) is a massive shopping mall.  It’s just like being in any city in the world, full of the well-known international brands.  The day before I flew out Pam and I were in London.  Pam said “We could go to Marks and Spencers.  No need – there is one here!  I bought a pair of trousers at about £25.00.  They have Early Learning Centre, Zara, Nike, Mothercare, they are all here…

Downstairs is a supermarket (I think they have a link with Tesco – because there was a small area with Tesco branding). For 600 rupees (that’s about £6) I bought coffee, bottled water, a tee-shirt I liked (that was 300 – half my budget)…  I didn’t buy Pringles at 100, not because I think a pound is a lot for Pringles, it's not, but I thought I’d try something local.  I have a pack of ‘Chilli Chatka’ 22 rupees.  No idea what it is, but the family pictured on the pack all look to be having a great time!

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