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Developing as non-admin. It's not all roses!

A year ago I decided to try the delights of developing as a non-admin.  It’s been great, I didn’t regret it.

My machine has been showing the symptoms of software rot.  Yesterday evening I repaved my machine.  I organize my disk as a partition for the O/S plus software and a separate partition for data.  I did a total ground-zero reinstall of the O/S (Win XP Pro), on a freshly formatted partition.  One effect of that is that my new account has a new SID.  All the old files on my data partition allow me to read them – I’m a User, but they don’t let me delete/write/update because my new SID is different to the one they were created with.

I think I am going to have to live with manually changing file permission settings for many months to come – I’d be *very* interested to hear of any cute shortcuts to that process.  More important – I’m expecting to have to re-pave again, annually seems about normal for me.  What I'd really like is some ideas on what I can do to stop this problem next time?
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