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Is the game "Guitar Hero" really a lousy buy?

My 15 yo is besotted.  He loves the game.  Lots of his friends do too.  You only need to search on YouTube, where (I presume) kids watch videos of other kids playing the game, to see that it is very popular.

The quality of the guitar shaped controlled seems distinctly suspect.  My lad's showed intermittent faults almost from day one.  Those have got worse.  Now he rates the game as unplayable because the controller is likely to miss a vital note even though he hit it.  In a competitive game that costs points.

We started to look at sending it back.  The first port of call is the manufacturers web site.  This tells us that the controller is only guaranteed for 90 days.  That is an interesting start point.  In fact I didn't, and don't, think they can do that.  AIUI the sale of goods act (we are in the UK - YMMV) says you get one year, and any warranty is in addition to your sale of goods act rights.

This is a GBP 60 item.  It does not seem right to me that they can wash their hands of it after three months.  I expect more of it than that.

Anyone else got similar experiences?

Watch this space.  I will be tracking our progress here.

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