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And the bus went sailing by

I've been away (teaching ASP.NET programming in Suffolk) this week.  I was using the local buses between the hotel and the site.  Mostly its worked pretty well.

Yesterday morning, left the hotel, turned right, found bus stop, caught 08:30 bus.  Arrived about 08:50 - nice timing.

Today.  Left hotel, turned left, I thought the stop was slightly closer that way.  Stood at stop.  It's about 08:20.  Soon joined by a few school kids, some of whom I recognised as having got the bus yesterday.  Whoo-hoo -  - This is working!  Eventually there are nine kids around me.  Bus arrives, slows down, I grab my bags, bus goes straight past!  "Oh yes that happens quite often to us!  Its not a proper stop and you really have to wave to stop the bus."  Well Duh!  I didn't know that?  I assumed (there was my error) that the locals would stop the bus, because they wanted to get on it.   After all I had seen them on the bus only yesterday.  "Don't worry there's another one soon."  Yes there was, but they forgot to tell me, or didn't think - it was a school only bus.  I couldn't get on.

Consulted timetable - actually the next listed bus is nearly an hour away.  Phone for a taxi.  Ha - no way.  It's near nine am.  They didn't even answer the phone. 

Walked down to next village.  The buses are more frequent there.  The 9:05 didn't show, I got the 9:25 and was about 40 minutes late.  Seriously grumpy!

By some incredible stroke of luck, careful planning, yesterday at close of play, my students were working on an exercise and I had promised them time to finish this morning.  I had not intended them to have quite that much time, but at least they had something to do!  They were very nice about it.

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