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These youngsters are the young part of my team.

Yesterday evening I saw a Brit lady literally dragging her leg into the bar.  It was obviously hurting her a lot.  What happened?  “We were in Delhi for a couple of days…” (she’s managing a change program with Centrica). “… When I went to the airport there was a hole in the floor that had been covered by carpet.”  She stood in the hole, turning her ankle, and smacked her other knee as she fell.  Quote “Now I am here I am having a bloody big glass of wine no matter what it costs!”.

It looked a badly swollen ankle to me.  The bar staff were lovely.  They got her propped up with her foot raised and loads of ice packed round her ankle.

As Rory keeps saying – welcome to India!

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Independence Day, 15th August, is a massive thing in India.  It's a major public holiday.  In the office we celebrated the day before with people dressing in traditional Indian clothing - the girls were *much* more enthusiastic than the boys, just look at these fabulous colours.

There were competitions round the office.

These are examples of Rangoli; artwork created directly on the floor using materials such as coloured rice, flour, or flower petals.  Just look at the clarity and the detail in them.  These were done in about one to two hours, yes by a team, but as a team you have to work very accurately together to do this.  It's not usual to walk into the reception area and risk trampling artwork underfoot.  Rangoli is very traditional in India.  People I spoke to said they learned the skills at home where it is a part of the major Indian festivals.

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This group took over the reception area with flower petals

The peacock is a traditional symbol of freedom and often appears in Rangoli designs.

These designs were in the vestibule area between reception and the lift area.

Our group was represented in a number of teams, there was also a competition for posters expressing India's current progress and hopes for the future.  I don't have pictures of them.  Sadly I accused the boys of just taking the credit for the girls' efforts.  I was put right on that - it was a true team effort.

You have been dying to know since I posted about shopping.  A chilli chatka is a bit slimmer than a wotsit.  It does not turn into glue in your mouth and it carries a fair whack of chilli.  I think they are pretty nice.

Today I was chatting to the delightful lady who is my customer contact, Poonam.  Her husband is French, but on his mother's side he has relatives in England.  She has been to England a few times to visit his cousins and spoke of driving past Stonehenge.  That's only about 30 miles from my home.  Even closer to where Rory used to live in Devizes. 

I told her that on her next visit they should go to Avebury.

I've rapidly moved from Laundry Mk1 to Mk2 and even Mk3.

Mark 2

Mk2 came at bedtime.  The washing was still damp and needed to hang overnight.  I wanted to close the curtains for bed.  The cord was originally on the curtain tracks nearest the window - they carry some net curtains.  I moved the cord to the higher tracks, farther from the window that carry the real curtains.  By going close-ish to the track end I could have the curtain closed, or mostly open.

In the bathroom the fancy large wall tiles with deep grooves gave me more height. It was almost possible to walk under the line without having to duck!


Mark 3 came this morning.  The shirts were dry, the socks still damp.  I preferred to close the bedroom door on the whole thing.  I needed less length for just the socks so I moved the bathroom end of the line to the hinge on the bedroom door.

Even better it's all on the wall side of the route from door to bed.  No ducking.

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